Books About the National Marine Sanctuaries

Photo credit: Josué Goge

From our heritage and history to the story of life on earth, America’s National Marine Sanctuary System is full of wonder and adventure. In fact, the establishment of national marine sanctuaries and other protected areas in the ocean tell the story of our commitment and connections to the ocean. Here are some of our favorite books about some of the most special places in our ocean and Great Lakes: 


America’s Marine Sanctuaries: A Photographic Exploration: Learn about the National Marine Sanctuary System, its history, and the species that call its sites home in this stunning illustrated overview. It’s the perfect read for ocean enthusiasts and includes 175 full-color photographs and a lively narrative that showcases the wonder of America’s National Marine Sanctuary System. 






Explore the National Marine Sanctuaries with Jean-Michel Cousteau — Four-Book Series: Perfect for readers looking for a deeper dive into each of the sanctuaries within the National Marine Sanctuary System, Explore the National Marine Sanctuaries with Jean-Michel Cousteau divides the System into four regional volumes. 






Underwater Wilderness : Life in America’s National Marine Sanctuaries and Reserves: Wildlife enthusiasts will love Underwater Wilderness. It’s full of breathtaking photos of marine life in our nation’s National Marine Sanctuary System as well as a vibrant commentary on life in the ocean and the importance of protected areas. 





Shipwrecks of Stellwagen Bank: (Disaster in New England’s National Marine Sanctuary): For history buffs, Shipwrecks of Stellwagen Bank tells the stories of some of the hundreds of ships that sank within the boundaries of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Along an important trade route in our nation’s history, these shipwrecks represent trade vessels, fishing boats, steamships, and more, each with a unique tale to be uncovered and told. 






A Perfect Day for An Albatross: Journey along with one of the world’s most famous seabird species, the albatross, which can be found soaring around Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument! Watercolor illustrations beautifully depict the story of an albatross named Malie as she protects her egg, socializes with other birds, rides the wind above the big blue ocean, and hunts for her food.