Hudson Canyon

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Currently undergoing the designation process

The area was nominated by the Wildlife Conservation Society, and accepted into the inventory on February 23, 2017 for a five-year period.

Located only 100mi Southeast of the metropolis that is New York City lies the largest canyon in the Atlantic Ocean. Rivaling the vastness of the Grand Canyon by extending about 350mi, 2-2.5mi deep, and up to 7.5mi wide, Hudson Canyon is the latest nomination as a new National Marine Sanctuary.

Home to a rich maritime history, productive fisheries, and a diversity of marine life entangled in the complexity of the canyon walls, Hudson Canyon’s protection would benefit local economies and ecosystems. The Canyon is home to an array and abundance of marine wildlife that ranges from endangered, protected, and sensitive species such as the sperm whale, deep-sea coral, and sea turtles. Complexity brings stability; supporting productive waters and providing commercially harvested species a place to flourish and wildlife viewers somewhere to flock to. With opportunities to head out on the water on fishing boats, whale watching, and recreational diving there is something for all visitors to enjoy while supporting jobs in the tourism industry.

Designating this site as a National Marine Sanctuary would provide protection from the damages caused by oil, gas, and mineral extraction while simultaneously promoting fish, wildlife, and ecological protection which rely on healthy ecosystems.

LEARN MORE: Read the Official Announcement from NOAA about the designation of Hudson Canyon National Marine Sanctuary.

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