FY21 Appropriations

Sanctuary District Days

We need your help to champion sanctuaries during Sanctuary District Days!

Tell Congress to support our national marine sanctuaries! The 2021 federal budgeting process is underway and our elected officials need to hear now about your support for national marine sanctuaries. Please urge your Members of Congress to invest in our national marine sanctuaries to conserve areas of national significance in our oceans and Great Lakes, to advance scientific research and citizen science, and to support public education and engagement to allow more children to learn about America’s rich natural and cultural history.

Members of Congress will be in their home districts from March 16-20, and they need to hear from you!

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is calling upon your local leadership and passion for our national marine sanctuaries to mobilize your community for National Marine Sanctuary District Days!

Below you’ll find a District Days Toolkit to help you advocate for America’s national marine sanctuaries by engaging your elected officials in your state/district. We need you to speak up and turn the tide for Congressional funding and sound policies for our sanctuaries.


We are asking our community leaders to:

  • Submit the below FY2021 Funding Request Letter for national marine sanctuaries to your Members of Congress (Senators and Representatives).
  • Request a meeting with your Member and their senior staff while they are back in the district/state so you can share your experiences and benefits of the sanctuary in your community. Use and fill in the template below.

Your advocacy for sanctuaries makes a huge difference in letting Congress know that these special places should be a priority!


Please contact Shannon Colbert, Policy and Conservation Director, at 301-608-3040 or shannon@marinesanctuary.org