Blue Beacon Series: Dive Into Hudson Canyon!


18 Sep, 2022


602 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Calling all deep-sea explorers! Join the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Society at the New York Aquarium on Sunday, September 18 at 10 am EST to celebrate the Hudson Canyon. Events are included with paid entrance to NY Aquarium.

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Dive Into Hudson Canyon! will be a day of fun-filled activities for the whole family full of sharks, sea lions, crafts, trivia and more as we learn about deep ocean exploration and spectacular species that live just off the coast of Coney Island.  Blue Beacon Series sponsor Finless Foods will provide children’s activities and samples of their plant-based tuna.

What is the Hudson Canyon? It’s one of New York and New Jersey’s greatest landmarks that lies out of plain sight, in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean! The Hudson Canyon, carved by natural forces more than 10,000 years ago during the last ice age, is the largest underwater canyon along the United States’ Atlantic coastline. The Hudson Canyon is home to a diverse array of marine life including whales, sharks, sea turtles, fish, and deep-sea corals, as well as robust fisheries and a rich maritime history.

On World Ocean Day 2022, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration began the process to designate Hudson Canyon as a national marine sanctuary. The designation of Hudson Canyon would sustain many species, prevent habitat degradation of these fragile thousand-year-old ecosystems from oil and gas exploration, and provide research, recreation, and education opportunities for the more than 22 million people that live in diverse communities across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

About the proposed Hudson Canyon National Marine Sanctuary

Located only 100mi Southeast of the metropolis that is New York City lies the largest canyon in the Atlantic Ocean. Rivaling the vastness of the Grand Canyon by extending about 350mi, 2-2.5mi deep, and up to 7.5mi wide, Hudson Canyon is the latest nomination as a new National Marine Sanctuary.

Home to a rich maritime history, productive fisheries, and a diversity of marine life entangled in the complexity of the canyon walls, Hudson Canyon’s protection would benefit local economies and ecosystems. The Canyon is home to an array and abundance of marine wildlife that ranges from endangered, protected, and sensitive species such as the sperm whale, deep-sea coral, and sea turtles. Complexity brings stability; supporting productive waters and providing commercially harvested species a place to flourish and wildlife viewers somewhere to flock to. With opportunities to head out on the water on fishing boats, whale watching, and recreational diving there is something for all visitors to enjoy while supporting jobs in the tourism industry.

Designating this site as a National Marine Sanctuary would provide protection from the damages caused by oil, gas, and mineral extraction while simultaneously promoting fish, wildlife, and ecological protection which rely on healthy ecosystems.

About the Blue Beacon Series

The National Marine Sanctuary’s Blue Beacon Series aims to bring to light the ocean and Great Lakes’ biggest challenges through panels, lectures, and film screenings hosted around the country in order to build communities of support for marine protected areas. This series builds on the momentum of Capitol Hill Ocean Week, the nation’s premier conference on ocean and Great Lakes policy issues by bringing these important conversations into locally relevant contexts. For more information, visit


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