Goal: Clean Seas

Established in May 2018, the Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys initiative aims to remove underwater marine debris from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and educate the public about its role in marine debris prevention.

Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys partners work with sanctuary-recognized Blue Star Dive Operators to educate dive professionals and recreational divers on best practices for removal of marine debris; perform scoping dives to identify debris hotspots; remove, dispose, and recycle underwater debris; conduct post-removal data reporting and analysis; and engage the public in marine debris awareness and prevention through education and outreach.

In the first year alone, Goal: Clean Seas was successful in removing over 10,000  pounds of marine debris from sanctuary waters. Since then, that number has increased significantly and with your help, we can continue to grow our impact!


What is the Goal: Clean Seas initiative?

Goal: Clean Seas is a community-led program developed in the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017 to address the threat of marine debris to ecosystems within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation are working with local tour operators and other businesses to identify and remove marine debris throughout the Florida Keys.

Why book with a Goal: Clean Seas dive partner?

We can’t protect this beautiful place alone. Dive operators voluntarily go the extra step to educate their staff and customers about the South Florida ecosystem, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and responsible diving. Your choices help to protect Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary now and for the future!

Do Goal: Clean Seas partners undergo special training?

Yes! New employees are introduced to the program through an orientation session and each year the sanctuary recognizes Blue Star operators to ensure they are upholding their pledge to educate clients while providing stewardship of our resource.

What certifications do I need in order to participate?

To participate in a Goal: Clean Seas dive all you need is a basic open water dive certification! The dive operators will make sure to provide all the additional information you will need before participating in the clean up.

Do you want to participate in a cleanup dive?

Contact one of these Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys permitted dive shops or organizations to book a dive.