Take the Ocean Protector Pledge!

What does it mean to become an Ocean Protector?


We need the ocean and Great Lakes! Protecting marine life and marine habitats and preserving cultural resources allows us to enjoy these spectacular places. Save Spectacular celebrates 50 years of ocean and Great Lakes conservation. Please join us by taking the Ocean Protector Pledge!


I’m ready to join the Save Spectacular movement! As an Ocean Protector I pledge to:

  • Learn how I can minimize my footprint and learn more about our national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments.

  • Protect my community’s watershed by picking up trash that takes away from its beauty and/or harms wildlife and habitats.

  • Recreate responsibly and view wildlife responsibly, including keeping my hands and snacks to myself, keeping pets home or leashed, and hanging back to enjoy the view.

  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (see HERE for more information)

  • Volunteer in my community to protect its watershed.

  • Advocate for marine and Great Lakes protections. Visit HERE for actions.

  • Post about your actions and photos of Save Spectacular via social media (#SaveSpectacular)

  • Share this Pledge and get at least ONE new person to sign it


Thank you for your commitment to our protected waters and the health of our planet. To sign the pledge, add your name in the form at right and share one action that you will take to help us Save Spectacular.