Support Investments in America’s National Marine Sanctuaries

It’s time to tell Congress to support funding for America’s national marine sanctuaries. We need your voice! 

The FY 2025 federal budgeting process is underway, and our elected officials need to hear your support for national marine sanctuaries. The environmental, economic, and cultural importance of national marine sanctuaries cannot be understated. National marine sanctuaries are sources for solutions. They are living laboratories, outdoor classrooms, tourism and recreation destinations, blue carbon sinks, biodiversity safe havens, sacred sites and heritage landmarks, sources of inspiration, and centers of maritime commerce. 

Policymakers need to hear directly from their constituents during this critical time in the budgeting process. Please urge your Member of Congress to invest in our marine sanctuaries to conserve areas of national significance in our oceans and Great Lakes, advance scientific research and citizen science, and support public education and engagement to allow more people to learn about America’s rich natural and cultural history.  For Fiscal Year 2025, join the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation in urging Congress to prioritize public investment in national marine sanctuaries at no less than $115 million. Sign our letter using the form to the right and we will send it directly to your Members of Congress.   

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