Support Stronger Protection and Restoration in the Florida Keys

It’s time to support stronger protections for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. We need your voice! 

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is an underwater national treasure, protecting extraordinary species and the places they call home. Within the boundaries of the sanctuary lie spectacular, unique, and nationally significant marine resources, from North America’s only coral barrier reef, extensive seagrass beds, mangrove-fringed islands, and more than 6,000 species of marine life. Unfortunately, the Florida Keys’ marine environment is at greater risk than ever before. Intensifying storms, ocean acidification, coral disease outbreaks, boat groundings and inappropriate anchoring, water pollution, rising ocean temperatures, and wildlife disturbances are all contributing to its decline. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is currently accepting public comments on a proposed rule and revised draft management plan for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. This is an opportunity to protect and restore critical marine habitats and wildlife in the Florida Keys. 

Sign our letter using the form to the right to tell NOAA that you support stronger protections for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  

 Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary needs our help to continue to provide a healthy, vibrant ecosystem to sustain biodiversity and the sanctuary’s world-class recreational opportunities that bring the local economy more than $4.4 billion in annual revenue. Stronger actions are necessary to save our ONLY continental barrier reef.   

Encourage NOAA to include strong protections in the final rule and management plan to save our ONLY continental barrier reef. 

Deadline to comment: Wednesday, October 26 by 3 PM ET

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