Our Brand Identity


The wonders that lie beneath our protected waters are hard for most people to see. Coral reefs flourishing with glowing life. Shipwrecks and cultural resources that tell our histories. Organisms that explain life on earth. These marvels may exist out of reach of our daily lives, but they are ours. They are yours.

The world’s most pressing challenges are similarly difficult to see. Pollution. Climate change. Reef degradation. Species extinction. These problems live beyond the clouds and beneath the surface. They grow invisibly, but they are ours to overcome.

At the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, we invite people with a stake in the health of their planet to protect their place in it. Sanctuaries and monuments are the essential network of protected waters owned by every American, and championed by us. Connected by currents, they sustain miraculous species, coastal communities, and our shared heritage.

At the Foundation, our work extends from the ocean floor to Capitol Hill. We inspire, creating energetic ambassadors for ocean conservation. We connect, working in close partnership with NOAA and in the many communities who depend on and care for the sanctuaries. And we educate, showing the world how the sanctuaries can serve as a model for protecting marine ecosystems around the world.

Supporting our marine sanctuaries and monuments connects us to our communities, our country, and our world. They fill those who know them with wonder. They beckon us to explore beyond our horizons. Each one protects a habitat unlike any other on earth. The sanctuaries are places where we can conserve our waters, for the good of the world and everything in it.

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation: Discover wonder.

At the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, we are:

  • Welcoming we invite people seeking to make an impact on the health of the planet to find their place in the waters we share.

  • Vigilant — we work closely with NOAA and other federal agencies to advocate for our nation’s network of protected waters, where our marine life and heritage flourish.

  • Expansive — we demonstrate the many ways that marine sanctuaries can be models for the health of ecosystems around the world. 

  • Inspiring — we are the enthusiastic champions of our wondrous waters.
  • Connective — we link Americans with their protected waters, the sanctuaries to each other, funders to greater impact, and coastal communities to their own backyard.
  • Fun — we take our work more seriously than we take ourselves.

Our logo mark is built from three distinct shapes that represent three pillars of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation: the half circle, representing discovery; the wave pattern, representing exploration; and the arc, representing our protection efforts. These three shapes come together and overlap to form a united mark, illustrating the power of connection and the holistic approach of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Our color palette is inspired by our marine sanctuaries, both above and below the surface of the water.

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