CHOW Plenary Deep Dive: The Path Forward for Responsible Offshore Energy

To confront the challenges of the global climate crisis, we must look to the ocean as a source of climate solutions and think smarter about renewable energy sources like wind energy and how to make them more abundant, affordable, accessible, and equitable.  

Today, almost 40% of all carbon dioxide pollution comes from burning fossil fuels to meet our daily energy usage needs. Advancing responsible offshore renewable energy will be crucial in diversifying the US energy portfolio, positioning for energy security and independence, and meeting the federal renewable energy target of deploying 30 Gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030 (while protecting marine life and ocean health).  

Meeting the target of 30 Gigawatts of offshore wind by the end of this decade is expected to create more than $12 billion annually and tens of thousands of jobs in communities supported by offshore wind activity. It will also generate enough clean energy to supply power to 10 million American homes and avoid 78 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering our atmosphere. 

To achieve this clean energy transformation, people must be at the center of developing and deploying these solutions. The cooperation and collaboration of servant leaders across all sectors will be key to ensuring we lift diverse voices and work together to find the paths forward for our communities and our nation.  

The planning, development, and deployment of commercial offshore energy must occur in an equitable way that embraces community and Tribal partnerships throughout project development, conserves and monitors wildlife and biodiversity, and prioritizes ecosystem health. We need to commit to building transparent and inclusive processes that establish engagement early, often, and more meaningfully and build trust with tribes, Indigenous, and local, underserved, or marginalized communities. Together, we must create forums and coalitions for open information sharing, and confronting misinformation and uncertainties.  

During Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2024, “The Path Forward for Responsible Offshore Energy” plenary session will discuss a future vision for advancing an equitable clean energy transformation and balancing responsible growth of new energy systems with restoring justice to communities. 

Join us for “The Path Forward for Responsible Offshore Energy” plenary, hosted by Atlantic Shores, for this discussion. The panel will be moderated by Noelani Kalipi (Aukahi Energy). The panel features Liz Klein (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management), Tyler Studds (Ocean Winds and Redwood Coast Offshore Wind, LLC), Violet Sage Walker (Northern Chumash Tribal Council), Joris Veldhoven (Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind LLC), Jennifer Flood (Ocean Winds North America) and Letise LaFeir (New England Aquarium). 

Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 6th from 1:15-2:30 PM EST and register to join the conversation during Capitol Hill Ocean Week. 


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