CHOW Plenary Deep Dive: Margaret Davidson Emerging Leaders: Climate Innovations

The time to act on climate is now. The urgency of climate action continues to be apparent, as the climate continues to warm, and our coastlines and communities continue to experience escalating impacts of climate change.

Photo credit: Patrick Stoll

This year’s Capitol Hill Ocean Week theme, “Ocean X Climate”, emphasizes the crossover, connections, and intersections of our ocean and our climate. The “X factor” is all of us. Get inspired and join the movement at Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2023!

We know that our ocean impacts our climate (and vice versa), but it is also a source of solutions. To spark global action for climate change, bold and unconventional solutions are needed. We must embrace new technologies, fuel pioneering thinking, catalyze climate investments, and break beyond the constraints of current systems and processes. We will need to consider diverse perspectives and lived experiences and uplift the voices of the community leaders of today and tomorrow.

During Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2023, the “Margaret Davidson Emerging Leaders: Climate Innovations” plenary session will bring together some of the next generation of climate disruptors and innovation accelerators making a difference for our ocean through innovative thinking.

Margaret Davidson was an ocean visionary dedicated to fostering early-career leaders and tackling ocean and coastal issues with unwavering determination and innovation. Since 2018, Capitol Hill Ocean Week has convened the Margaret Davidson Emerging Leaders Roundtable in her honor.

Join us for the Margaret Davidson Emerging Leaders Roundtable, sponsored by Finless Foods, for this discussion. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Justin Dunnavant (University of California, Los Angeles and National Geographic Explorer). The panel features Shannon Cosentino-Roush (Finless Foods), Hermina Glass-Hill (Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, and Oceana), Jordan Breighner (Running Tide), and Katherine Escalante (The Ocean Project).

Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 8th from 3-4:30 PM EST and register to join the conversation during Capitol Hill Ocean Week.


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