Water Quality Monitoring

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A watersheds is an area of land where all of the water that falls in it and drains off of it goes to a common outlet such as a lake, sanctuary, or gulf.  We’re talking about everything from the water that flows underground through your yard after a rainstorm to the creeks formed by snowmelt each spring to the rivers and streams that flow through your park. Every water formation comes together to create a network with an end point of the ocean. All water not already in the ocean is upstream from the ocean because of these watersheds. This means that everything is connected to the ocean so wherever you live in the country, you are connected to the ocean by your watershed. This also means what we do to our watersheds has an impact on the ocean. Even if you live in a landlocked state, you have an impact on the health of our oceans because of the watershed you live on.

  • Long-term water quality monitoring (we have a WQM buoy in Maryland)
    • In 2018, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced a five-year partnership to monitor water quality at Mallows Bay, a site being considered for designation as a national marine sanctuary on the Potomac River. The partnership established a long-term, continuous water quality monitoring site in the proposed Mallows Bay–Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary providing real-time data to the public, resource managers, and scientists via the Eyes on the Bay program. Scientists and resource managers can use the data to assess changes, aiding them in decision-making and other restoration efforts. Data will aid commercial watermen and recreational anglers and benefit local tourism operators and visitors who could use the real-time data to plan trips.
    • Link to Foundation release
    • Link to MD DNR release
  • Educating people about their impact on the ocean no matter where they might live
  • Connected to the ocean
  • Understand whats happening
  • NOAA and B-Wet program