Taqulik Hepa

Director @ North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management

Key Professional Positions

May 1991 to July 1997:

Subsistence Research Specialist, Department of Wildlife Management, North Slope Borough, Barrow, Alaska 

August 1997 to December 2005:

Deputy Director, Department of Wildlife Management, North Slope Borough, Barrow, Alaska

December 2005 to present:

Director, Department of Wildlife Management, North Slope Borough, Barrow, Alaska


Professional Experience, Research Interests and Goals

Having been raised in a subsistence environment, I have great respect for our traditional and cultural way of life.  Participating in subsistence hunting activities with my family has taught me valuable lessons in subsistence survival skills.  I am familiar with the Utqiagvik subsistence use area and with my current job I have been fortunate to learn of other subsistence use areas throughout the North Slope.  I have a great desire to learn more of our Inupiat traditional sites and the subsistence way of life.

As an employee of the Department of Wildlife Management I have enhanced my ability to address the public and to manage programs.  This has been a real asset to me in understanding and communicating with local people and outside agencies regarding subsistence related issues.  I care deeply for the protection of our environment and subsistence resources and would like to expand my opportunities to participate in advancement of research programs in the Arctic.


Professional Organizations, Commissions

Gates of the Arctic Subsistence Resource Commission

Indigenous Peoples Council on Marine Mammals

Alaska Migratory Bird Co-management Council

Circumpolar Inuit Wildlife Management Committee

Alaska Nannut Co-Management Council