Sandy Ha Nguyen

Executive Director @ Coastal Communities Consulting

Sandy Ha Nguyen founded Coastal Communities Consulting (CCC) during the aftermath of the disastrous 2010 BP Oil Spill to provide business and disaster technical assistance to Louisiana’s commercial fishing and coast dependent businesses and families.  Prior to founding CCC, she was a consultant working for the Louisiana Small Business Development Center (LASBDC). In that role, Sandy continued her lifelong passion of helping more than 1,500 families and businesses in rural/coastal communities across the state. She has worked with the commercial fishing industry since 1992 and possesses an intimate knowledge of the industry and the communities that sustain it.   At CCC, Nguyen has continued to work extensively with government agencies, nonprofits, universities, and other organizations to ensure that coastal entrepreneurs are able to sustain their businesses to secure their families’ well-being.  She has generated over 100 million dollars in client capitalization through her extraordinary work in the past 15 years since Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, and currently COVID-19.