Margaret Gordon

Co-founder @ West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

As a founding member and the Co-director of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project since 1998, I have facilitated environmental justice citizen science projects throughout West Oakland. WOEIP has partnered with the Pacific Institute to deliver credible research and data on air pollution and the deleterious impact it can have on our health in West Oakland. Using our foundation cache, we acted as liaison for organizations and West Oakland residents to help empower them to fight for the protection of the public health of the West Oakland community. Emboldened with these new tools, such as CBRP, data collection, traffic studies, which include counting trucks, we were able to confront both the Port of Oakland and City of Oakland regarding the Goods Movement and all levels of emission reduction.

WOEIP also organized the diesel truck routes in West Oakland that became an ordinance. We worked with truck drivers to form an information center and mini trucks stop facility in conjunction with those efforts. Mayor Ron Dellums showed his appreciation for the work done by WOEIP by personally appointing Ms. Margaret Gordon as a commissioner to the Port of Oakland in 2007 until 2012.

With a knowledge base of the Goods Movement in 2008, WOEIP has participated and engaged in the use of air quality monitoring on the streets of West Oakland and Oakland. Intel, as one of the principal researchers, partnered with WOEIP to connect research teams to develop a project to train residents on how to use air monitors to discover air pollution hotspots data in West Oakland, which supports the adoption of the Port of Oakland, Maritime Air Quality Improvement Plan.

WOEIP has conducted the following projects since 2015. WOEIP has built a relationship with the Environmental Defense Fund, which has resulted in the following real-time data collection:

-Google Car Air Mapping Project in West Oakland, (Drove in West Oakland for 1yr collecting previously undetected high levels of Black Carbon)

-UC Berkeley 100 x 100 project, placed air sensors throughout West Oakland (WOEIP partnered with residents and UC Berkeley students to deploy 100 small air sensors for 100 days in West Oakland)

-Participated in a Cardiovascular disease study with the Environmental Defense Fund and Kaiser Foundation, (getting empirical data on air pollution levels in West Oakland showing residents are at a 40%increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, or high blood pressure.)

-As a joint effort with the Environmental Defense Fund, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project conducted briefings to various City of Oakland departments, Alameda County Public Health, AQMD, Port of Oakland, and community-based organizations within West Oakland.

More recently as of July 2018 to now, West Oakland EIP has been co-led with BAAQMD staff, to develop a West Oakland Action Plan under AB 617. As the Co-led WOEIP has been the support, coordinating, and convening the process with members of the West Oakland residents, businesses, agencies, youth, and technical assistants the Steering Committee. The process has focused on the Steering Committee voices being more just hear, as the writers of the plan we their strategies, goals, targets and has a method of the tracking process. That written in the West Oakland Action Plan and equity target.