Kevin T. Bryan

Principal and Managing Director @ Equnival Partners/Nature For Justice

Kevin Bryan has 20 years of experience building coalitions, developing organizational strategy, and fostering collaboration within and between organizations. He currently advises environmental organizations as they to incorporate equity and justice within their program frameworks. In addition to his Equnival Partners work, Kevin works with Nature For Justice to support Black and Indigenous farmers as they are confronted by climate disruptions, as well as work to deepen justice and equity in ocean and coastal policy.

Kevin spent ten years with Meridian Institute, during which time he facilitated discussions for the United States Climate Action Partnership, developing recommendations for the 2009 American Clean Energy and Security Act. He also supported Meridian efforts to build coordinating councils to protect critical infrastructure and advise multilateral institutions on infrastructure provision.

Additionally, Kevin has facilitated the development of national coalitions such as the Next 100 Coalition, which secured a presidential directive ordering federal land management agencies to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the design of its programs, procedures, and policies. Kevin has also supported two broad-based coalitions to champion policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the US transportation sector.