Janine Ledford

Executive Director and Makah Tribal Historic Preservation Officer @ Makah Cultural and Research Center

Janine Ledford, Makah, is the Executive Director of the Makah Cultural and Research Center, a position she has held since 1995. She is also the Makah Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. Ms. Ledford lives in Neah Bay, Washington on the Makah Indian Reservation.

Ms. Ledford is the Chairperson for the Makah Tribe’s Higher Education Committee and for the Cape Flattery School District Board of Directors, and serves on the Burke Museum’s Advisory Board. She formerly served on the Governor’s Advisory Council for Historic Preservation.

Janine Ledford learned to replicate Ozette basketry at a young age and is now involved in developing programs to ensure that others learn these older styles and techniques. Under her leadership, the Makah Tribe created its Tribal Historic Preservation Office, which has been actively protecting both pre-historic Makah cultural sites and historic structures on the Makah reservation and in the vicinity. In addition, Ms. Ledford has been involved with the development and implementation of a collections management system which incorporates traditional Makah values and language.