David Riera

FEF McKnight Doctoral Fellow @ Hispanic Access Foundation Oceans Advisory Committee

David is a FEF McKnight Fellow, HAF Ocean Advisory Committee Associate, SWS Student Section Chair ​
​As a doctoral candidate in the College of Education, he leverages his passion for research, conservation, and education​ to be an advocate for diversity and inclusion in STEM. He holds five collegiate degrees and ten professional certifications (from veterinary technician to open water deep-sea diver) in various STEM and industrial disciplines, which he utilized in partnership with scientific societal leadership to increase the presences​ and participation of underserved students/emergent professionals through activities and initiatives. He is also a United States Marine Combat Veteran and First-Generation Afro-Hispanic college graduate. David is driven to raise public awareness through environmental and agricultural education, is relentless through his work tackling various social and environmental justice issues (like environmental racism, urban degreening, food desertification) and is committed to the co-creation, distribution, and preservation of cultural knowledge and inquiry-based research.

David ‘s primary goals are found at the intersection of science, education, advocacy, and the environment! David cree que lo más crítico en el desarrollo del bienestar humano es las conexiones con nuestras familias, comunidades, y cultural para fortalecer los valores intrínsecos que apoyan la tierra y el mar.