Ambrose Jearld, Jr., PhD, MS. BS.

Former Director of Academic Programs @ NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Ambrose Jearld, Jr., NOAA, retired and Fellow, American Fisheries Society. In 1978 he began a thirty-eight year career with the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s (NEFSC) Woods Hole Laboratory. A fisheries biologist in the Woods Hole NEFSC lab, Dr. Jearld conducted and published research and served as an administrator and manager. Among his many scientific accomplishments, he wrote an influential chapter on ‘Age determination’ for the 1983 edition of ‘Fisheries Techniques,’ published by the American Fisheries Society. Also, he published on age and growth of redfish, haddock, winter flounder, and surf clams, with others at the Center. 

His NEFSC appointments included Chief of the Fishery Biology Investigation, Chief of the Research Planning and Evaluation Section, and Chief of the Research Planning and Coordination Staff. He was the Director of Academic Programs at the NEFSC and the founding Director (in 2009) for the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP).

In addition to his work for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Dr. Jearld served NOAA internationally, providing science and technical support for six West African countries around the Gulf of Guinea and serving as a fisheries biologist and member of the Gulf of Guinea Large Marne Ecosystem Project. He also served as a NOAA employee in South Africa, helping with the transition to a new government and serving on the US/South African Gore-Mbeki Bi-National Commission. He taught biology at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and zoology at Howard University in Washington, DC.

He is a member and serves on the boards of numerous professional and technical scientific societies. He is the Immediate Past President (two terms) of the National Technical Association. He is a Trustee of the Sea Education Association. He served two terms as a member of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Board of Trustees.

Upon Dr. Jearld’s retirement from the NEFSC, the Woods Hole scientific community honored him with an annual lectureship in recognition of his work on improving diversity and inclusion within the ocean sciences community. The Ambrose Jearld, Jr. Lectureship was established in 2017 and since then, a lecture is held every summer. 

He is married and lives in Falmouth with his wife, Anna C. Martin-Jearld, PhD, who is a Professor Emeritus of social work. They have an adult daughter and son, and are grandparents.