Support Stronger Protection and Restoration in the Florida Keys

It’s time to support the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. We need your voice!

Tell the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that you support stronger protections for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is an underwater national treasure, protecting extraordinary species and the places they call home. The Florida Keys’ marine environment is at greater risk than ever before. Intensifying storms, coral disease outbreaks, boat groundings and inappropriate anchoring, water pollution, rising ocean temperatures, and other factors are contributing to its decline. Recognizing the need to address these mounting threats to the marine environment, NOAA released its Restoration Blueprint, a bold plan to protect and restore critical marine habitats and wildlife in the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys needs our help now.

Sign our letter using the form to the right and we will send it directly to NOAA.

Deadline to sign: Friday, January 31 at 5pm Eastern

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Learn more about the Florida Keys Restoration Blueprint.