Support Investment in America’s Sanctuaries and Monuments in 2022

It’s time to invest in America’s national marine sanctuaries. We need your voice!

Tell Congress to support our national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments! The 2022 federal budgeting process is underway and our elected officials need to hear now about your support for national marine sanctuaries. Please urge your Members of Congress to invest in our marine sanctuaries and monuments to conserve areas of national significance in our oceans and Great Lakes, to advance scientific research and citizen science, and to support public education and engagement to allow more children to learn about America’s rich natural and cultural history.

Sign our letter using the form to the right and we will send it directly to your Members of Congress.

DEADLINE for House of Representatives is April 22!


Speak Up for Increased Marine Sanctuary Funding in 2022

As the national non-profit partner and chief advocate for America’s national marine and Great Lakes sanctuaries, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is connecting Americans to these treasured places, galvanizing grassroots communities that depend upon these places, and mobilizing passionate citizens to be a voice for and take actions in support of national marine sanctuaries.

The Foundation also works with the Administration and Congress to ensure that sanctuaries and monuments can continue to foster economic growth, support fishing and tourism jobs, preserve underwater and maritime treasures for our children and grandchildren, and provide critical public access for ocean recreation, research, and education.

For Fiscal Year 2022, join the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation in urging Congress to prioritize public investment in national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments at no less than $93.5 million. This investment builds up to the 50th anniversary of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act in 2022 by providing the resources needed to:

  • Strengthen community engagement across the National Marine Sanctuary System;
  • Support the groundswell of community interest to expand sites, or nominate and designate new ones;
  • Protect marine and Great Lakes habitats that build climate resilience, help reduce the ocean and Great Lakes stressors and degradation;
  • Conduct cooperative research to improve science and management in these living laboratories;
  • Utilize new technologies and improve outreach and education efforts that empowers Americans to explore “under the surface” of these iconic places;
  • Promote tourism growth and improve sanctuary visitor experience at key sanctuaries; and
  • Address a backlog of needs for sanctuary vessels, visitor centers, facilities, and signage improvements.

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