For everyone who loves the ocean and Great Lakes, our national marine sanctuaries conserve these special places for all Americans.

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is the only national non-profit whose mission is to directly support our marine and Great Lakes sanctuaries for generations to enjoy.


Mark Sully; Mark Sullivan; Northwestern Hawaiian Islands; Papahānaumokuākea; Papahanaumokuakea; Marine National Monument; World Heritage Site; seal and turtle resting on beach; Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle; Chelonia mydas; honu; monk seal

Spanning more than 620,000 square miles, from Michigan to Florida and Cape Cod to American Samoa, the National Marine Sanctuary Systemincludes 13 national marine and Great Lakes sanctuaries and two marine national monuments. These unique waters sustain critical, breathtaking marine habitats that provide homes to endangered and threatened species. They preserve America’s rich maritime heritage. And they are living laboratories for science, research, education, and conservation. Sanctuaries also offer world-class outdoor recreation experiences for all ages and support local communities by bringing billions of dollars to their economies.





National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is the national non-profit partner for the National Marine Sanctuary System.




Founded in 2000 by America’s most influential ocean conservation leaders, the Foundation raises awareness of and support for national marine and Great Lakes sanctuaries and their vital role in ensuring a healthy ocean.




The Foundation promotes citizen science, research, conservation, education and community engagement to protect coral reefs and marine habitats, preserve places of cultural significance, and conserve our maritime history and heritage.




Whether it’s saving whales, cleaning up marine debris, or inspiring the next generation of ocean stewards, our work starts with great ideas and affects change.




Capitol Hill Ocean Week

The nation’s premier annual ocean event, bringing together over 700 global influencers and newsmakers to examine contemporary marine issues and trends. The Foundation produces the conference and shares it with the world through free live streaming. The Foundation is recognized as a strong, passionate voice advocating on behalf of a strengthened sanctuary system.


We focus on what matters:
our precious American ocean and Great Lakes.